MAT_SCI 337: Conducting Polymers

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The student should be able to understand the synthesis-structures-properties-applications relationship of conducting polymers. They should be able to: 1. Draw the molecular structure of common conducting polymer monomers/polymers 2. Know basic synthetic methods 3. Understand the concept of doping and dedoping 4. Be familiar with common applications of conducting polymers and the science behind them 5. Be familiar with the history of the field, some leading scientists and classical references, and some current research activities in the field 6. Gain hands-on experiences on the synthesis of nanostructured conducting polymers and construct chemical vapor sensorsChoose one from the following (about 10 hours) 1: Polyaniline Nanofiber Sensors Session 1: Safety orientation and synthesis of polyaniline nanofibers Session 2: Purification of polyaniline nanofibers, preparation of sensor electrodes and deposition of polyaniline Session 3: Testing the sensors Pre-lab and post-lab reports are required Location: TBA 2: Polyaniline nanofiber actuators Synthesize polyaniline nanofibers and use them to make an artificial hand or a flower 3: Propose your own project on conducting polymers

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