Undergraduate Programs in Materials Science and Engineering

Today, materials science and engineering is one of the hottest technological fields, spawning multibillion-dollar industries and making possible many of the items we take for granted every day.

Top-ranked Program

There's no better place to study materials science and engineering than Northwestern University. Our Department of Materials Science and Engineering was the first such department in the nation and is consistently rated one of the top departments in the field at both the undergraduate and graduate level. 

Our undergraduate program is currently ranked fourth in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Materials Science Research

Our campus is the site of one of the National Science Foundation's materials research centers and students at all levels are exposed to the type of collaborative, interdisciplinary research that such centers facilitate.

Hands-on Laboratory Experience

Laboratory experience begins as early as the freshman year, with the Freshman Projects course (750-190). Undergraduates have significant opportunities to conduct research under the supervision of one of the 30 faculty members in the department.

Materials Science Careers

Thanks to their rich experience as undergraduates, many department alumni have moved directly into the industry or continued on to medical, law, or graduate schools.

All engineering applications require an understanding of the materials involved. Because materials are so important to every aspect of engineering, their study became a distinct discipline. As a student interested in science and engineering, you can look forward to many exciting career possibilities after your work as an undergraduate.

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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